Indonesia: Land of Diversity, Featuring "The Many Colors of Islam"
June 2007

In its mission to inspire excitement about learning, the Iowa Children’s Museum (ICM) is opening an exhibit this month called “Indonesia: Land of Diversity.” This new exhibit, developed by the ICM, features a traveling exhibition of original artworks created by Indonesian children called “The Many Colors of Islam.” In this interview museum director Deb Dunkhase talks about the motivation for developing the exhibit.

How did you become aware of the “The Many Colors of Islam” exhibition?

We were contacted by Jill Goldesberry of the Stanley Foundation during the summer of 2006 when Jill informed us of the possibility of renting “The Many Colors of Islam” traveling exhibition. After speaking with the exhibit curator, we were thrilled about the idea of being able to host such a meaningful, beautiful exhibition of art created by Indonesian Muslim children.

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