United Nations
Making Counterterrorism a Global Effort
Human rights vs. “war on terror”?

Many foreign policy analysts and US citizens alike are probably unaware that the United Nations has any sustained agenda, program, or structure for fighting terrorism at the global level. The United Nations is often in the news regarding global crises of the moment. But more quietly, both the Security Council and the General Assembly have been gradually building a strategic global framework for an integrated, cooperative, and sustained response to terrorism in an age of globalization.

In September 2005, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1624, condemning all acts of terrorism irrespective of their motivation, and calling on member states to prohibit by law terrorist acts and incitement to commit such acts, and to deny safe haven to anyone guilty of such conduct. And in September 2006, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. Shortly thereafter, the UN secretary-general established the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force to foster coordination and coherence among at least two dozen relevant parts of the UN system.

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