Through collaboration between the International Reporting Project and the Stanley Foundation, 11 news editors and producers visited Turkey Sept 14-25 as part of IRP’s Gatekeeper Editors Trip.


There they explored the future of Turkey’s democracy, Islam and secularism, freedom of the press issues, and the country’s role as a strategic energy hub.


The participating editors included:
Greg Bruno, staff writer/editor,, Council on Foreign Relations
Jill Burcum, editorial board member, Star Tribune, Minneapolis
Yavonda Chase, international editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Justin Dial, senior producer, CNN American Morning
Larisa Epatko, world editor, PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Gary Graham, managing editor, Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington
Bridget Kelley, supervising editor, NPR Morning Edition
Liz Heron, Web editor, The Washington Post
Steven Paulson, executive producer, Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison
Brian Winter, foreign editor, USA Today
Jake Ellison, Web editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Read some of their stories here:


New York Times video journalist Shayla Harris documented the trip. Her video reports are here:

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