Revitalizing International Cooperation: A Bipartisan Agenda
After the Unipolar Moment
On November 29-30, 2007, the Stanley Foundation convened a consensus-building exercise with a bipartisan group of accomplished foreign policy experts. Participants were asked to identify policy approaches the next administration can use to work with international partners on key global challenges. Two major sets of issues seemed ripe for agreement across the political spectrum: counterterrorism in connection with the wider battle of ideas and spreading the benefits of globalization.

There was no expectation that the group would neutralize all of their political differences. Instead, they looked for common elements in their approaches. The results of the discussion offer hope that US cooperation internationally can be revitalized with fresh ideas. And while one potential new administration (with its set of advisers) is bound to differ from another, the statement below demonstrates substantial overlap. The text was drafted and reviewed by the participants listed at the end and largely reflects the views of the group, though not every participant agrees with every point.

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